LAST RESORT Hi Suede - Black / Whtie

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The clean-cut design of the VM001 Hi silhouette is the true highlight of the shoe’s overall durability, but don’t mistake simplicity as a weakness. Last Resort AB has added a bunch of details and features to further improve the shoe’s performance and lifespan. The most notable feature of the shoe is the one piece upper made out of a high quality and very thick suede which did not show any signs of wear after our 10 hour test, except for typical lights spots on black suede where the griptape contact is the strongest. The seam connecting the upper with the suede eyelet reinforcement element ripped, but since the suede was thicker than usual, both elements stayed in shape. The VM001 Hi features a very stable vulcanized construction.  The sole is protecting the upper from abrasion and is actually the most noticeable area with signs of  wear. Nevertheless, the height of the sole and the foxing tape helped to withstand all 10 hours of skating and the shoe would had plenty of life left in it. The eyelets for the laces are also positioned higher up and closer to each other, minimizing the surface area of contact, which helped protect the laces extremely well. Overall the durability of the VM001 Hi is very good.