ERETIC Snowscoot Slope

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Keep your progression on pro scooters going with a "winter-version", the Eretic Snowscoot

With a build very similar to a regular scooter you can just as easily throw barspins, whips and many other tricks, only in the snow instead.

Built for slopestyle riding and with a pivotal fork

  • Rider developed parts combine to give you tons of fun, on the pistes and in the Funparks
  • You get a lightweight snow scooter that will stand up to winter conditions
  • Even if you have thick boots on, the steel pins in the deck will keep on gripping tight
Altezza totale: 95cm
Assemblato: No assemblato
Peso: 5160g
Lunghezza deck: 58cm (22.84")
Larghezza deck: 14cm (5.5")
Angolazione canotto di sterzo: 81°
Tipo di sistema di compressione: HIC
Altezza del manubrio: 720mm
Larghezza manubrio: 620mm
Materiale: Acciaio Chromoly 4130, Alluminio 6061